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Galaxy Annihilation
Endless Treasure Hunt
Boomer Rampage
galaxy annihilation
galaxy annihilation
galaxy annihilation
Galaxy Annihilation is a shoot'em up where we need to protect the planet earth from an impending alien attack.

Game features:

- 3 difficulties (easy, normal, hard)
- 31 missions.
- 4 worlds.
- 15 ships.
- 12 weapons.
- 13 powerups.
- many permanent upgrades to unlock.
- 26 different enemies.
- 8 bosses.
- 14 achievements to unlock.
and much more...
Endless Treasure Hunt is a colorful endless runner, your job is to collect as many coins and materials as possible to buy new submarines, ships and helicopters to increase the maximum distance traveled.

Game features:

- 3 Modes: Underwater mode, Naval mode and Aerial mode.
- 13 vehicles to buy including: 8 submarines, 3 warships and 2 helicopters.
- 8 Weapons to buy including: 5 for submarines, 3 for warships and 2 for helicopters.
- Different passive skills.
- Full Controller support.
Boomer Rampage is a puzzle game in which we control the boomers rocket hand.
Our task is to destroy the target, avoiding enemies, traps and walls in all the 90 levels.


- 2 Difficulties (normal, hard).
- 90 Levels.
- 90 Achievements.
- Steam Leaderboards.
Flatwaters is an open world game in which we will have to conquer each island of the city "Echita" and loot all the treasures in it.

Game features:

  • Exciting naval fights.
  • Enemies and strange creatures who will do anything to kill you.
  • An arsenal of weapons for the ship to spread chaos.
  • Different skills for the Red Beard Captain.
  • Treasures scattered around the city.
  • Epic Orchestral Soundtrack.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Steam Achievement.
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