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Lunarhellgames is an independent, single-person studio that develops videogames for windows and linux with game maker studio and unity, located in tuscany, italy.

Recent games

The Endless White

The Endless White is a survival game, in which we will have to procure food, water and shelter from the freezing temperatures of the Alaska, in order to be able to repair the helicopter with which we had to perform an emergency landing following a failure to the engine.


Flatwaters: The Curse of Echita is an open world game in which we will have to conquer each island of the city "Echita" and loot all the treasures in it.

The unstoppable captain of the red beard, very skilled with the pistol but also extremely short-tempered, wants to conquer the islands of Echita, a small city composed of about ten islands, as he became aware of the presence of treasures.

Boomer Rampage

Boomer Rampage is a puzzle game where we control the boomers rocket hand.
Our task is to destroy the target, avoiding enemies, traps and walls in all the 90 levels.

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